After 15+ years of employment in the software development field, it’s finally time to take the next step.
Self employment!

Early days

When I first started out some 15 years go, the software landscape was vastly different. I was writing custom WinForms applications for our internal organization of around 25000 employees. Not long after that, Microsoft Sharepoint made its entrance and web-based application slowly took over.

I started working on complex backend systems to better automate the supply chain of our organization and visualizing all the data in Sharepoint. This point in time was also my first introduction into ERP systems. It was nothing like our Business Central today. They were old legacy systems. Mostly even DOS based.

Dynamics ERP

In 2010 I was introduced to Microsoft Dynamics NAV when I started working as a .NET backend and web developer for a NAV VAR (Value Added Reseller). At first, I wasn’t really interested in NAV. It just wasn’t cool… The user client was slow and ugly. The development client was clunky and the language was as basic as it gets. No… I was a web developer. Stay away with your NAV!

But no matter how boring the ERP software was, I still had to integrate our e-commerce web solution with it. Because my NAV-colleagues somehow never got anything done right, I decided to learn the language and master NAV myself so I no longer needed to argue with them on a daily basis.


Now 11 years down the road and I’m all in on Business Central development. With the Microsoft’s cloud-first focus, I finally feel like it’s enough of a challenge to keep me busy. Combined with all the integration possibilities of the Azure platform, of course!

While I had lots of fun working as the lead developer for a large ISV (idyn), I felt like it was time to offer my expertise to a larger audience. I’ve seen VAR’s and end users struggle endlessly with the changes that came with the switch from C/AL to AL and the switch from on-premises to cloud. So now it’s time to not only help one employer with these challenges but an almost endless number of partners and end users.

What’s next?

I plan to help partners and end users with their technical challenges.
Anything from development work to system integration, upgrades and even supporting struggling technical teams to get up the speed with AL development, Azure and AppSource. Basically everything that’s new in today’s Dynamics BC technical toolset.

Company name?

Oh no… starting a business requires dreaming up a company name.
Oh well, never mind… I’ll go back to bed and forget about the whole thing. Such a shame!

But that morning, I opened my VS code and started a new project.
CTRL + P -> AL:Go!

Yes! That’ll do just fine! Don’t overthink it!

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